Tefillah Tools is a video-based self-teaching app for learning how to chant traditional Jewish prayers and understand their relevance for our lives today.

Each prayer is covered by three videos covering the contemporary relevance of the prayer and allowing the learner to chant the prayer, with a karaoke dot to guide them. 

The Hebrew and English texts are accessible in PDF format.  The English is a brand-new translation that aims to capture the ideas of the prayer in words comprehensible to kids of reading age.

Currently Tefillah Tools is only accessible by invitation. If you would like to review it, please be in touch!

Siddur Emanuel: Designed to complement Tefillah Tools, Temple Emanuel's Religious School siddur was written to enhance the experience of Religious School worship services.


Printed in hardback, it features extra-large Hebrew text to encourage literacy and a brand-new translation designed to capture the meaning of the prayers, while also using the simplest language, making it accessible to all students of reading age. 

If you would like to review a sample, please contact me.

“A Pluralistic Introduction to Judaism” is a six month multi-denominational syllabus that aims to tackle fundamental questions about the Jewish faith from a variety of perspectives.


It's intended for those interested in deepening their Jewish knowledge, for those looking to convert to Judaism, and for krovei le-yisrael seeking to understand more about the Jewish faith.


It was formally endorsed by the Hampton Roads Board of Rabbis and JCC. To learn more, visit the course website by clicking here.